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24-72 hours (Holter-ECG)

Using firmly glued electrodes, cardiac currents are continuously deduced and then evaluated by the doctor with the help of a computer. This is important in case of a slow or fast heartbeat.

Recording of arrhythmias by the patient

In selected cases, patients receive a small device for a certain period (e.g. one week) in order to record arrhythmias that occur less frequently.

Electrical cardioversion of arrhythmias

Some disorders of heart rhythm (especially atrial fibrillation) can be best treated best when a brief shock is delivered via electrodes applied to the thorax following a five-minute anaesthetic. This process is not stressful for the heart and is highly successful in treating certain problems.

Implantation of pacemakers

If the heart beats too slowly, a small electronic device can help permanently. This consists of a very flat control unit about 5 centimetres in diameter, which is often implanted under the skin, and one or two cables that remain permanently in the heart. The operation is performed under local anaesthetic.

Implantation of event recorders

In cases of unexplained loss of consciousness, unexplained arrhythmias, or stroke, an unobtrusive device can be implanted under the skin. This can detect and record all cardiac arrhythmias that occur over several months. This surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and takes only a few minutes.

Monitoring and programming of pacemakers, defibrillators (ICD) and event recorders

Several types of electronic devices to monitor heart action or to control the heart are checked and adjusted at regular intervals (usually every six months).

ECG examination under antiarrhythmic drugs

At times, certain disorders are shown only under the influence of drugs, and sometimes the risk of a patient can be better assessed. The agent is injected into an alert patient under comprehensive monitoring.

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To make an appointment, please call us on (+352) 818387-1 or fill in the online form, by clicking on "Book appointment".

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