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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an appointment with the Groupe Cardiologique?


To book an appointment, you can either call +352 81 83 87 1, send us an online request via our online form or send an email directly to:

With which doctor will I have an appointment?


You can choose which doctor you wish to have the appointment with.

Please specify this on the phone or in the email.

Where will the examination take place?


In principle, you have the option between Ettelbruck, Echternach and Mersch. Several times a week it is also possible to make appointments in Redingen/Attert. 

What should I bring to the examination?


If you have been referred by another doctor, please bring your transfer papers. Please also bring your insurance card and your complete list of medications.

If available, you should also bring current laboratory results or other important findings. Records of blood pressure, sugar levels and body weight are also useful.

Which investigations and treatments are offered by the Groupe Cardiologique?


You will find this information in the "Services" section.

Whom can I contact in an emergency?

If your family doctor is not available, you can contact the Maison Médicale. Maison Médicale or CHdN Ettelbruck. Centre Hospitalier du Nord Ettelbruck.

In the case of life-threatening conditions such as heart attack or stroke, please call (Tel. 112).


Self-measurement notebook


We may ask you to complete these questionnaires at your first consultation with us to ensure individualized follow-up. 


You can use the Excel or PDF sheets (to print) below to record your self-measurement blood pressure results.

Please bring the results to your next consultation.


More information

Visit our Page dedicated too blood pressure self-measurement at home for more information and a step-by-step guide here...

Contact the
Groupe Cardiologique

To make an appointment, please call us on (+352) 818387-1 or fill in the online form, by clicking on "Book appointment".

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