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Blood Pressure (BP)


We will assist you in measuring your blood pressure and offer you tests are therapies using the most modern equipment. 

Blood pressure self-measurement sheet


You can use the Excel or PDF paper sheets below to record your self-measurement results.

Please bring them to your next consultation.


Visit our page dedicated to blood pressure self-measurement for more information and a step-by-step guide.

24-hour blood pressure measurement

In addition to measurement in the doctor’s office and the self-monitoring of patients, the measurement of many blood pressure values around the clock (including at night) also provides essential information for the diagnosis of hypertension as well as the precise coordination of the treatment on individual blood pressure conditions. During the day, the devices automatically measures the values every 15 minutes. At night, the values are measured every 30 minutes.

Occlusion pressure measurement (ABI) and stiffness measurement of the arteries

This measurement is done by four blood pressure cuffs on the arms and legs. By simultaneously measuring these cuffs, the doctor gains additional insight into the state of the arterial vascular system within minutes and can thus introduce further investigative steps or improve treatment. As a patient, you will receive a clear test result (vascular age).

Blood pressure measurement during exercise and at different body positions

In certain cases, in addition to the blood pressure measurement in a seated or lying position, blood pressure is measured while the patient is on an exercise bike (precisely defined effort or standing).

Clarification of hypertension (secondary hypertension)

There are sometimes very specific causes for increased blood pressure which require special therapy. These include, for example, diseases of the kidney, adrenal glands and hormonal system.

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