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Electrocardiogram (ECG)


The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of the heart.

For more information on ergometry, see the document below.

Electrocardiogram at rest

This resting ECG is a very simple, quick and painless test with the help of which we can detect certain conditions of the heart. It can show an old heart attack, an enlarged heart and rhythm disorders. The test requires no preparation.

Stress ECG (Ergometry)

- What is ergometry?

The stress ECG is an examination in which the patient has to exert themselves under medical supervision. The data obtained can be used to draw conclusions about the state of the patient's health.

- How is ergometry carried out?

The examination is generally performed on a stationary bicycle while sitting (see figure below). The bicycle is adjusted to the patient's body size and an automatic blood pressure measurement device is attached, as well as an ECG with suction electrodes. Men are examined with a bare torso, women may wear a bra. After the measurements are taken at rest, stress is applied, with little exertion at first. At intervals, the stress is increased, usually to the point of exhaustion. In special cases, the doctor may end the examination earlier. The patient should report symptoms as they arise while exerting themselves.

- How should I prepare for the examination?

Avoid strenuous physical activities as much as possible on the day of the examination. Eat a fairly light meal, ideally three to four hours before the examination. Please ensure you are properly hydrated.

- What should I bring with me to the examination?

Comfortable clothes are most appropriate, ideally sporting clothes including appropriate footwear. If you need to, you can bring a drink with you. As you are given the opportunity to shower after the examination, you should bring a wash kit. We can provide you with towels.

- How long does the examination last?

It takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

- Are there any risks associated with ergometry?

Any strenuous activity entails a (very low) risk of serious incident such as a heart attack. All preparations have been made for immediate treatment should such an incident occur.

- What should I do after the examination?

Drink as needed. Avoid catching a chill after sweating (especially in winter). If you feel very tired, you should rest for a while longer. Otherwise, no further measures are required.

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