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Dr. Visser Laurent


Professional career

1987 to 1988

University Centre Luxembourg

1988 to 1994

Université catholique de Louvain, Woluwe, Brussels



Assistant in internal medicine, intensive care

  • Center Hospitalier Luxembourg, Prof. M. Dicato

  • Clinique St Joseph Arlon, Dr J.J. Lafontaine

  • Clinique St Pierre Ottignies, Dr T.Dugernier

  • UCL University Clinics of Mont-Godinne, Prof. E.

1997 to 1999

Assistant in Cardiology

  • UCL University Clinics of Mont-Godinne, Prof. B. Marchandise

  • UCL University Clinics of Mont-Godinne, Prof. L. De Roy

  • UCL University Clinics of St Luc Brussels, Prof. JL Vanoverschelde



Recognition of medical specialist in Cardiology and Angiology


  • Assistant specialist in cardiology Klinikum RWTH Aachen, Prof. P. Hanrath

  • Training in Congenital Paediatric and Adult Congenital Echocardiography


2000 - 2023

Received specialist certification as a cardiologist at the Clinique St Louis, CHDN Ettelbruck



Recognised as an external consultant in the service of Interventional Cardiology

UCL University Clinics of Mont-Godinne Prof. E. Schroeder


2002 - 2023

Doctor cooperation contract with Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg/National Institute of Surgery and Interventional Cardiology



Founding member and member of the committee of the Luxembourg Society of Cardiology

Vasculature of the Heart

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