Stress ECG (Ergometry)

The stress ECG is an examination in which the patient has to exert themselves under medical supervision. The data obtained can be used to draw conclusions about the state of the patient's health.

Transoesophageal echocardiographie (TOE)

A TOE is an examination in which the cardiologist performs an echocardiogram through the oesophagus. A TOE can provide important additional information about the heart for a particular issue, which is not the case with conventional ultrasound from the outside through the chest wall.


Spiroergometry is a stress test and serves to determine the body's capacity for physical performance. Through these measurements, one can obtain accurate data on various aspects of the circulatory, respiratory and muscular system. For athletes, the results can assist their training management or competition preparation.

Stress echocardiography

SE is an examination in which the patient is put under physical stress with medical supervision. While this stress is being applied, the cardiologists perform repeated cardiac ultrasounds.



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